Dating Blues

I had a pleasant date on Valentines. This is our third date and he is closer to what I want. He’s an engineer in IT and a manager. He has a responsible job and goals.  He’s smart, a great listener and asks me thoughtful questions.  I am happy when I am with him.

He took me to brunch at a quaint restaurant. On the way in he said, “I think we should talk about not getting too serious. I am dating a couple of other women and I am a little concerned about getting too close, at this point.”  Bummer. I like this guy and I don’t want to date others right now. But we have only seen each other for a couple of weeks – it is probably prudent to stay open (both of us.)

I told him that I lied about the year I was born on my dating profile. I said I was fifty-eight years old, not sixty-two (my real age.) I thought I better tell him and that I have good reasons.  One is for security – I don’t identify myself with my real birthdate on social media. And the second is that some men into their sixties have lost interest/abilities sexually and I want a man who is a vibrant lover.  Now it all sounds lame.

He isn’t sure about our age difference – he’s 56. But if I am a passionate sixty-two-year old it probably doesn’t matter.  And, he says I move well.  I guess that means I seem younger.

There are so many ways to match up.   All I can do now is wait and see. And not text him.  In the meantime I’m OK, either way.  Just feeling a little sad.



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