Another One Bites the (Dating) Dust

I met date #12 at a new coffee shop. I am going to have a weird association with coffee shops when this dating experience is over.  I only ordered a drink even though I was hungry. I wasn’t comfortable eating in front of him (takes too long if I want to leave.) He was waiting when I arrived.

He asked me out after yoga class last week. He has long, straggly hair. I like clean-cut. Isn’t that funny? In college I was a hippie.   Amazing my thoughts!

He is an engineer-turned-artist. He makes stained glass and sews, things with feathers on them. He gardens. “Do you work?” “No, I got laid off years ago and my wife (who left me last year) has been supporting me.” “Really?” “Do you know why she left?” “I really am not sure.” “Could she have been tired of supporting you?” “Maybe.”

He seemed comfortable telling me that he hasn’t worked in 10 years. This is not appealing! I want a man with direction. The guy I am looking for has goals and is working toward something. Our conversation is NOT going well.

I finished my tea. He asked me several more things and tried to listen without interrupting. (He said that is hard for him.) As we walked out the door I said, “I’ll see you in yoga tomorrow.” He responded, “Only if I wake up from my nap in time.” Uggggh. 




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