No-No’s When Dating a Sexy, Sixty Woman

Heading into date #10.   Dating hasn’t been all that fun so far.

A recent date was with a man I met through a mutual friend. My previous experiences with him were pleasant, he seemed caring about his grown children and he has a career he enjoys. Once we met at the restaurant he started telling me about his ex-spouse who was a ‘black widow’ – she stole money from him and his kid’s college accounts. She lied to his mother about their financial situation and extorted money from her. Then he got excited telling me about why he thought Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are good for our country and that I better vote for them! I suggested this wasn’t good 1st date material but it didn’t seem to matter…he continued his painful diatribe as if I wasn’t there. If we hadn’t already bought movie tickets I would have asked for a doggie bag and left him on the spot!

The next day I thought, ‘At least I have someone new to go to lunch with. He says likes hiking and has been a guide in the National Park.’  I met a tall, cordial man inside the restaurant. We got seated and ordered a delicious meal. I was enjoying myself when he started telling me that his divorce was all his wife’s fault.  She didn’t support anything that mattered to him.  And now he is paying alimony!  Then he asked me who I hoped would win the presidential election! I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘this isn’t the best conversation for a 1st date’ and he continued to get riled up about why people were voting for Bernie when Hillary is the only real candidate.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

I went home and sent emails saying that I enjoyed my meal with both but after reflection I realized that I’d prefer not to talk heated politics and miserable ex-wives when we are dating. I don’t want to see either of these two men again.  I am starting to wonder about this whole idea of dating.  Why doesn’t someone woo me?  Ask what thrills and delights me?  What is my favorite thing to do on a date?  Is it that hard?   



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