Date Me, Don’t Date Me

I checked my online profile this morning. I’ve written emails to multiple guys…all men who appear similar to me. Received one reply saying, “I don’t think we are a match.” What’s that about? You don’t like my pictures? Did you read what I said about myself with all the sincerity and trust I could muster?

I’m relieved, too. Now I can go on about my life. Get back to my novel. Clean out my desk. It’s a snow day and I am hunkered down in my office. I don’t need a guy to email me to feel good about myself.

That’s fine if you don’t want to meet me.

I carry birdseed to my feeder so that hungry chickadees can eat today and I shovel the walks.

Then I get a text from a guy I talked to weeks ago online. I never expected this. He sounds sweet. Talked about how beautiful the snow is. Wondered what I was doing. Asked if I might like to meet this week? The tone of his text is gentle, nice. I said I’d be available after my yoga class tomorrow. Now I have a date and I am nervous.

This is date #10. Nine previous disappointing dates. What have I learned? Cut losses quickly, move on when things don’t feel right. I’ve done a lot of personal work and I want a man who is self-aware, thoughtful in his actions and words. I’ll know that man when I meet him.

Remind yourself, Anne Marie, this is fun.   And you are worth it.     


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