This is me, Anne Marie, a widow

This is Anne Marie.  My husband died two years ago. I am 62-years-young and I am looking for love and romance.

I have no idea how to make that happen.

I am nervous about being in the dating market. Will anyone want to date me? I took care of a sick husband before he died. My world got small and I don’t know how to date or even what I like to do with a man.  Do I know ‘what to do with a man’?  Kiss, feel tingly, relax?

Maybe there’s a man in my neighborhood who is lonely and wants to share dinner or a movie. Maybe Mr. Right is right around the corner. What if he doesn’t like kisses?  I like slow kisses.

What if the guy for me lives in another state? What then?

I am going to make dating a game. That’s the only way I can handle it. Have fun with it.   Don’t take it too seriously. (Right…in the middle of being terrified.)

I’m a believer in positive outcomes. I’m a life coach who tells people that ‘something good is about to happen’.   Something good can happen for me. Why, then, am I afraid?

It makes sense to give dating a try. Nothing lost, nothing gained. I can’t be any worse off, except for some possible ego harm when I get rejected.

I am going to date as many men as I can and be picky about who I choose. That’s it. I am clear about it – he has to earn the right to be with me. I commit to 100 coffee dates from this day forward. Which means I’m going to be turned away or have to reject a lot of possible suitors. This is good practice, right?  Can I turn away men who don’t make the mark? What if I crush someone? What if they crush me?

I trust myself to wait for a man who makes me feel great. How do I know when Mr. Right becomes Mr. Wrong?

I am going to learn a lot about me.  This is exciting and it makes me feel a little ill.



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